Ancient History Term Paper Topics

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Ancient History Term Paper Topics


The nefarious Roman Emperor known as Caligula, whose actual name was Caius Julius Caesar Germaniucs, was born in Antium in 12 AD, a city along the German frontier in the northern Roman Empire. Perhaps as an affectation, Caius wore miniaturized versions of the military sandals of the soldiers they lived near. The name of these sandals, caligae, was modified by those soldiers to "Caligula" (little sandal). This nickname became his for the rest of his life (Barrett, 4). Caius' father, Germanicus, held positions of power within the military and the political structures in the region and was seen as a potential candidate for the throne at some later time. While a teenager, his mother and several brothers were arrested and executed by prefect Sejanus because their family was seen as a potential threat to his authority in the region. Later that year, Caligula became a priest and lived for several years on the island of Capri where he attended to the spiritual needs of Emperor Tiberius (Reed, 120).

Canvassing the Policy Community.

This paper examines the Assembly of First Nations' (AFN) policy on native unemployment. It consists of an interview with a representative of the AFN concerning their views on unemployment among Aboriginal peoples.

Carolingian Rule, Monastic Power, and the Foundations of Christian Europe.

This essay will explore how Charlemagne's rule and his successful attempt to refurbish the dream of old Rome was essential to the flourishing and thriving of Monasticism in the later middle ages. This will be demonstrated first by examining the development of the Carolingian Empire and the way in which it was modeled on Roman/Christian ideology and second by looking at the power and stability this gave the Catholic church in the life at that time. This essay will argue, therefore, that the Carolingian period was one where political decisions helped to implant Christianity firmly into the power structures of that time by allowing the church to control learning as well as legal institutions.

Category and Taboo.

This paper examines why categorization is an essential task of culture.

Civilization and the Mongols.

The Mongols tied together a vast region of Asia and extended their power into European Russia. The Ottomans spanned the Middle East, North Africa, and eastern and southeastern Europe. The western Europeans opened up the oceans' sea-lanes and reached all parts of the globe. Thinking of the nature, scope and intensity of the contact, answer the following questions and add any questions you think should have been asked. Did the contacts change cultural attitudes, political thought, economic development, and religion? Were there some components of the civilizations we studied that were unaffected by contact with other peoples?

Classical and Ancient Civilizations: A Comparison of Two Eras.

Addresses the difference between "ancient" and "classical" civilizations, paying attention to artistic, agricultural, trade, and governmental developments. Examines ancient/classical Greece and China as case studies.

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